Welcome to Infinity Asset Management


Infinity is the investment management business of Viridian Financial Group Limited. We offer licensed financial advisors exposure to an institutional grade investment solution across an array of underlying strategies.

Infinity has a stable and experienced portfolio management team with over 80 years collective experience building client portfolios.

Infinity is responsible for the actively managed (Separately Managed Account) investment portfolios that include:
  • Direct long only Australian equity portfolios (large cap and small/mid cap)
  • Diversified multi sector investment portfolios
  • Individual sector portfolios

Infinity also provides financial market and asset allocation research, as well as company specific and unlisted managed funds research.

Infinity’s focus is on delivering portfolio solutions based on a robust investment and asset allocation process with true investment insights overlaid with a strong emphasis on risk management. Together, this approach drives superior investment returns over time to help our clients meet their goals and objectives.

An open architecture framework combined with a disciplined investment approach allows us to tailor portfolio solutions that can optimise our client’s investment outcomes over time.

Investment philosophy and risk management approach

Infinity’s investment philosophy is built around seven core principles:

  • Financial markets are inefficient, particularly over the short to medium term. Our active management approach adds value and manages portfolio risk.

  • Our investment portfolios are constructed from the perspective of managing risk and mitigating against the loss of invested capital.

  • Our top down/bottom up approach to establishing an underlying investment strategy provides a holistic assessment of opportunities and risks.

  • Asset allocation is a key factor in determining portfolio outcomes. We actively review and consider our asset allocation in the context of prevailing market conditions.

  • Directly held securities form an important part of our overall investment solution.

  • Passive investment strategies will produce cost efficient outcomes in certain circumstances.

  • Currency can have a significant impact on a portfolio’s performance. Managing this is an integral part of our portfolio construction process.

How to get started?

To find out more about working with Infinity, contact us today.